The spirit of Japan Bike Technique (JBT)

Unlikely to the general bicycle race,
this event will competes

for the skill of making bicycles.

Professionals involved in bicycle

manufacturing and sales will participate
by making their own bicycles.

We aim to provide a place

for people involved in the manufacture
and sale of bicycles who work hard
and promote the development
of technology related to bicycles.

History of Japan Bike Technique (JBT)

Japan Bike Technique is a new event born in 2019.
In France, “Concours de Machines” is held.
This tournament is planned and implemented
by people involved in bicycle production.
By competing for ideas and technologies
for handmade bicycles,
they contribute to the fostering
of diverse bicycle culture.

Overview of Concours de Machines ←Click
Mr. Tsuchiya of “Grandbois” has participated in this Concours de Machines.
Mr. Tsuchiya witnessed that bicycle builders from France and other countries who participated in the Concours de Machines competed for various ideas and their practicality and durability, and strongly hoped that a similar competition could be held in Japan.
In this way, the first tournament
was planned and organized
by Mr. Tsuchiya.
It was held as

Japan Bike Technique 2019.

JBT 2019 record ←Click
At the time of the event,
We consider the characteristics
of Japan’s climate and aim
to find the best bicycle for Japan,
and we emphasize it as
an evaluation and scoring item.
・Emphasis on weight reduction to reduce the burden on occupants
・Emphasis on reliability.
・Bagging is essential when mounting a bicycle on a train.
・Humid land (prone to mud stains).
・Points that tend to be large elevation difference routes.
・High ratio of general roads (coexistence with automobiles, etc.)
・Points that require carrying supplies
  (Carrying rain gear, food, tools, etc.)
1st Tournament:Japan Bike Technique2019
17 teams participated and various ideas and techniques were presented.
Grandbois, who has participated in Concours de Machines, showed his strength and got the highest score. However, since it is the organizer, it has become an open participation (outside the ranking) in order to maintain fairness.
At the second tournament, Japan Bike Technique 2021 (JBT2021), we established the “Japan Bike Technique Executive Committee” and took over the planning and operation.

In Japan, a country that produces world-class bicycle equipment,
we will compete for world-class handmade bicycle skills.