Japan Bike Technique Executive Committee
We plan and manage the Japan Bike Technique tournament.

Japan Bike Technique Executive Committee
It consists of builders, shops, and individuals who participate in the competition.

Compete for the ideas, approaches, and skills of builders to embody the ideal image of Japanese handmade travel bicycles.
We would like to make it a place to study and appeal to everyone.

Japan Bike Technique Executive Committee Secretariat

The secretariat is in charge of planning, management and operation of Japan Bike Technique.

Location of the secretariat of the Society

Location4-24-2 Nishikamata, Ota-ku, Tokyo, 144-0051, JAPAN (within MICE Co., Ltd.)
Phone number+81-3-5748-8730
Facsimile number+81-3-5748-8732
Contact personMr. H.Ichikawa

Japan Bike Technique Executive Committee Terms

Article 1: Name of the organization

  • Article 1: Name of the organization
    • This association is called the “Japan Bike Technique Executive Committee”.
  • Article 2: Date of establishment
    • The establishment date of the Society is January 25, 2020.
  • Article 3: Secretariat location
    • The office of the Society will be located at 4-24-2 Nishikamata, Ota-ku, Tokyo, JAPAN.
    • Phone : +81-3-5748-8730, Facsimile : +81-3-5748-8732
  • Article 4: Officers
    • One representative, one deputy representative, two treasurers, technical advisors, public relations committee members, and public relations committee members will be appointed as constituent officers.
    • It does not prevent the concurrent posts of officers and committee members. The term of officers shall be two years. However, it does not prevent reappointment.
    • In addition, officers may be dismissed with the approval of two-thirds of the members.
  • Article 5: Purpose
    • The Society will hold the following events and competitions with the aim of contributing to the promotion of cycling sports culture by disseminating the appeal and potential of custom-made bicycles from Japan to the world.
      • Compete for bicycle making skills.
      • Compete for performance, practicality, and durability through actual riding.
      • Propose ideas for traveling by bicycle.
  • Article 6: Activities
    • The Society will carry out necessary activities to achieve the purpose of the preceding article.
  • Article 7: Member
    • The members of the Society shall be those involved in Article 6.
  • Article 8: Amendment of Terms
    • If it is necessary to revise the rules for the operation of the Society, it will be decided through discussions with the officers of the “Japan Bike Technique Executive Committee”.
  • Supplementary Provisions
    • This agreement will come into effect on January 25, 2020.
      (Date of establishment of Japan Bike Technique Executive Committee)

Japan Bike Technique Executive Committee Officer List

RepresentativeMr. A.Matsumoto
Deputy representativeMr. T.Akahori
AccountingMr. T.Akahori, Mr. S.Kurosawa
Technical advisorMt. H.Watanabe
Public Relations CommitteeMr. H.Ichikawa
External adjustmentMr. S.Kurosawa
AdvisorMr. I.Tsuchiya


The Japan Bike Technique Executive Committee is looking for sponsors who support Japan Bike Technique and sponsors who can provide financial support.

Please contact the Japan Bike Technique Executive Committee for details.