Builder comment : Mr. Masami Otaki with KK.c speed

Frame design concept Easy touring frame.
Parts selection
Available + cheap chic.
Points for
A simple and solid body with a small number of parts.
Reconsiderations Participation without understanding the purpose of JBT.
Which team are
interested in?
07 Silk
Others I thought that the purpose of JTB was to propose a new touring bicycle, but I did not understand that the main purpose was to have a light body, which was decided by various additional points from the weight base.
It was a good experience to participate in a completely away world.

Rider Comment : Mr. Hiroshi Koyama

Impressions of the
climbing section
Should have either lowered the gear ratio a little more or increased the internal pressure of the front tires.
Impressions of the
Gravel Downhill
It was boring with a simple gravel, but I was able to reconfirm that engine braking is superior to friction braking.
What do you like? The compatibility between the 650B wheel and the fixed gear was better than expected.
Points to improve Remove the rod type changer.

Participating bicycle details page. (Link to KK.c speed’s WEB page)

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