Builder comment : OomaeJimusho Mr. Hitoshi.Omae

Frame design concept It’s basically a rugless Randonneur frame. Lightweight frame for lightweight riders. The frame geometry is the same as the rider’s own “appre” standard model.
The selected pipe is mix of Kaisei 017, Tange Prestige Ultimate, and Columbus. For the BB shell, Ordered a thin one and carved.
Second production frame and The front fork is made by Toshio Kajiwara.
Parts selection
The 11-speed front single is the result of seeking practical weight reduction while achieving the same operability (bar end control, etc.) as the rider’s own Randonneur.
Shimano’s latest RD is not double-tensioned and is not suitable for RINKO, so it is not adopted, and the Ultegra one generation ago is adopted.
The lightest for fork-detached RINKO is the Grand-bois’s RINKO headset.
Even if the brake is a MAFAC Tandem, if the brake pedestal is properly placed, the braking force is considered sufficient and adopted.
The wheels are OomaeJimusho’s custom-made carbon rims (compatible with rim brakes).
The tires are Grand-Bois’s Rière 36B standard with a balance between the risk of punctures and the driving performance that downhill at the gravel.
For the front bag, Asked “Ostrich” to prototype the F104N-S proto with a lightweight material.
Developed a bright and light light with several prototypes with Kimura> It’s a small detail, but the “Soyo Tire” provided us with a prototype latex tube, which helped us in terms of weight and performance.
Completed bike I feel that the rigidity was enough for the thin material, probably because the frame size was small. The front fork bends when hard braking, but it was within the practical range. The result is a bike that strikes a good balance between weight reduction and rider skills.
Points for
Achieved the same position and usability (wheeling procedure, etc.) as the rider’s own Randonneur .
Lightweight (9.3kg including bags according to JBT regulation, low 8kg for bicycle alone).
That the frame is a self-production.
Reconsiderations Although I feel that my skill in frame production has not reached the level I expected, I have no regrets about the fact that I was able to exert the power at this time.
Which team are
interested in?
07 Silk

Rider Comment : Ms. S.Sugiyama

Impressions of the
climbing section
There was no steep slope, so I was able to climb comfortably within the proper gear range.
ダImpressions of the
Gravel Downhill
I’m not good at gravel, so I just wanted it to finish early. I could only proceed at a speed of about 3km / h. I heard that the frame material is a thin pipe, so I was a little worried whether it could withstand the impact until the end, but it was okay.
What do you like? The same position and mechanism (front single, bar end control) as my usual bicycle, and is lightweight.
Points to improve I have a weak grip, so I would like the disc brakes to help me next time.

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