Builder comment : TAKAGI Cycle Works, Mr. Motoyuki Takagi

Frame design concept The basic concept is “ultimate dropout bicycle”.
From commuting to school to excursions, a multi-purpose bicycle.
If you don’t like your daily life, let’s go on a trip! The main premise is that it looks good on suits and everyday wear.
Ensuring an open view with a standing riding posture. Carriers can be installed back and forth through dowel holes provided in various parts of the frame.
Plug-in lugs are used for both top and down lugs. Because of the use of disc brakes, we aimed to improve the rigidity around the head. It is a pipe select that emphasizes strength rather than weight reduction.
Parts selection
It is a parts selection that allows you to run without thinking too much, stop firmly, and realize a comfortable running feeling.
In addition, I mainly selected parts that are maintenance-free to some extent. Grip shift to Shimano interior three-speed hub. Mechanical disc brake (i think it is easier to attach and detach the wire than hydraulic when RINKO).
Tubeless tires with good vibration absorption, a large saddle bag that you can throw your luggage in for the time being.
A large mud flap on the mudguard, assuming that it will run in the rain.
Center stand that is easy to park anywhere (I think it is essential for commuting to school and traveling).
Completed bike As expected? It’s can’t climb the pass or cruise at high speed, but it looks was better.
Points for
I think that the bicycle has become easy to get along with, so that you will have more opportunities to ride it.
I made my own work and set up work places in various places.
Grip processing, self-made mud flaps, self-made rear end for interior disc brake hubs, fender stay mounting plate, etc.
It is a good saddle that we would like everyone to try the shell saddle of Tokyo Sanes.
Wire routine of the front brake (The outer is passed through the Dharma screw attached to the fork dowel, and the natural radius is a self-confident work)
Reconsiderations The finished bicycle weighs just over 14 kg.
Heavy, heavy, heavy anyway, the number of deductions that come from it is the biggest reflection point.
Which team are
interested in?
I think everyone else’s bicycle is wonderful.
09 C-SPEED :
 Impressed with the adventurous spirit that is challenged by the fixed two-speed rod shift.
 I will never forget that downhill together at the end of the route.
08 velocraft : I think I saw the next generation touring bike. Be solid, but adventurous, and put together a beautiful style. informative.

Rider Comment : Mr. Motoyuki Takagi

Impressions of the
climbing section
Grateful to the TCD riders who ride together , which was endlessly tough.
I was spinning the grip shift to put it in the low gear that shouldn’t be there many times.
I decided to stop climbing the pass with three speeds.
Impressions of the
Gravel Downhill
I was riding fluttering with a grin from the beginning to the end. This downhill was awesome.
Seen from the outside, I think he was an eerie uncle.
What do you like? The whole route.
I have been involved in bicycles for about 5 years.
In that short time, I learned about touring bikes and the world, and what I felt in the valuable experience of running a route like this time is that I honestly envy the ancestors who have been playing such interesting games for a long time.
Points to improve I want to reduce the weight. I also want to be able to shift at least 10 speeds …
For the course, I just wanted a clear sign at the fork.

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