Required Specifications


City residents go on a bicycle touring in the mountains of Nagano prefecture.
Travel from the urban area to Nagano Station by train with RINKO. Will take a route from Nagano Station via Shiga highlands to include mountain roads ride. After that, return to Nagano station and take the train back to home.
(The actual start and finish point will be “Yu-yu Land”).

Required Equipment

  • A bicycle that can carry the necessary equipment for travel and run on rough mountain roads
  • Equipment necessary for touring such as food and supplies
  • Travel spirit

Equipment such as food and supplies is simulated with water. Eight 500cc PET bottles will be installed.
The loading method, loading location, split loading, etc. are free.

Bicycle Regulations

Basic rules

It is necessary to meet the format certification examination criteria for “ordinary bicycles” stipulated by the Japan Traffic Management Technology Association. (in Japanese)
(Keys, stand equipment and model numbers, and certification signs are excluded)

In the case of e-Bike, in addition to the above, it is necessary to meet the type certification examination criteria for “bicycle with drive assist device”. (in Japanese)
(We request the presentation of the control program, except when the auxiliary drive device manufactured by the manufacturer is adopted.)

Additional Provisions

  • Body width: Excludes the provision of 60 cm or less (handle width etc. may exceed this)
  • Saddle: Have a structure that can adjust the saddle height
  • Wheel: Have a detachable mechanism
  • Brakes: There are long downhills with high speed and dirt downhills with violent vibrations. Being a reliable and durable brake!
  • Headlight (front light):
    Must have the amount and duration (4 hours or more) of light that enables safe night driving. A white or pale yellow object with a luminous intensity that allows you to see obstacles 10 meters ahead. JBT2022 obliges lighting in all sections, and requires specifications that can secure the amount of light that meets the above specifications in all sections.
  • Tail light (tail light rear reflector. Reflector):
    The tail light is a red or orange one with a brightness that can be confirmed to be lit from 100 m behind. Equipment with only a rear reflector (reflector) is not allowed. JBT2022 obliges lighting in all sections, and requires specifications that can secure the amount of light that meets the above specifications in all sections.
  • Blinking is not allowed for both headlights and taillights.
  • Bags attached to a bicycle that allows you to carry the necessary equipment:
    It is prohibited to use a form that is attached to the occupant’s body (such as a backpack). However, it is acceptable to wear small items such as mobile phones and supplementary foods.
  • GPS device or MAP: Equipment that allows you to check the riding route and current position.
  • Inflator: Punp
  • Tools and repair parts that will need.
  • Bottle cage attached on the frame.
  • Can handle RINKO:.
    Wheels and things you need to carry. The size of the bicycle when stored in a wheel bag is 250 cm or less in total on all three sides and 200 cm or less on the long side.

The following equipment is obligatory for the rider.

  • Helmet: With safety certification mark, for bicycles or mountain climbing, etc.
  • Grab (gloves)
  • Mobile phone: (Although it is allowed to be used as a GPS device, it is obligatory to equip it with an auxiliary battery).
    We request you to take a picture on the route and upload it to SNS. Please use and carry a mobile phone that can handle this.

JBT2022 requires the headlights and taillights to be on all the time for the purpose of ensuring safety during the ride.

Teams that do not meet the above required components will be open participants and will be excluded from the overall ranking points. In addition, bicycles that are judged to be unable to maintain the safety of the occupants at the time of vehicle inspection are prohibited from participating.

Weight Measurement

The weight of the bicycle is measured by the following two methods.

Bicycle Body Weight:

Weigh the bicycle itself.

  • The rack is installed.
  • Headlights, taillights, bells, and other equipment necessary for riding must be installed.
  • If the headlights and taillights require a battery, the battery is included. Does not include spare battery.
  • Leave the bag removed.
  • The GPS device or its substitute, and its mounting bracket shall be removed.
  • In the case of e-Bike, it is assumed that the battery is installed. Remove the spare battery.

Ride equipment weight:

Weigh the bicycle with the necessary equipment installed while riding.

  • Equipped with all necessary equipment at the start.
  • The GPS device or its substitute, and its mounting bracket shall be attached.
  • Tools, replacement parts, etc. will be loaded.
  • Change of clothes etc. is excluded.
  • 4Kg PET bottles that simulate food and supplies will not be loaded.
  • If you carry a spare battery, its weight is included.
  • If you carry a spare battery with your e-Bike, its weight is included.

Points will be given to each of the two types of weight measurement results.
However, the bicycle body weight is weighted according to the purpose of JBT2022.

Specification Form

Please submit the specifications of the participating bicycles. The deadline for submission is May 15, 2022.
Please also fill in your feelings and insistence on the bicycle.

Even after submitting the specifications, it is permissible to change the specifications for the day before the driving event.
If any changes occur, please resubmit the specifications on the day of the competition.
(This is to refer to the information in the specifications when scoring)

The contents of the specifications are as follows (download the specifications form from JBT WEB and fill it out).

  • Frame specifications
    • Materials used (material, pipe product name, etc.)
    • Frame geometry: wheelbase, seat tube length, top tube length, front center, rear center, BB descent
  • In the case of e-Bike, the adopted drive mechanism manufacturer and product name, battery capacity
    (If it is not made by the manufacturer, it is a control program specification. Please be prepared so that you can present and refer to the source code.)
  • Gross weight (frame alone, completed)
  • Explanation of original frame processing and original parts
  • Specifications of adopted parts
    • Drive train: crank, chain wheel and number of teeth, rear sprocket (or free) and number of stages & number of teeth
    • Shift: FD, RD, shifter
    • Brake: Type, manufacturer (for DISK, mount type and rotor diameter, F, R separate)
    • Fittings: handles, stems, pillars, saddles
    • Recognition: power supply method, F light, R light, bell
    • Auxiliary: mudguard, stand (when adopted)
    • Loading: Rack / bag supporter, bag
  • Price (assuming sales)

Please appeal if you have any feelings for production. It is an important factor in scoring.

It would be nice to have photos, figures, and more.
Please describe the details such as the frame structural members, various parts and ready-made parts that you devised and manufactured.
Based on this report, the current car will be confirmed and points related to machining and work will be calculated.

JBT2022 does not score parts by country of origin.

Japan Bike Technique 2022 Tournament Composition

● Presentation

The presentation will be given in 10 minutes per team based on the concept, production technology, practicality, and design. There is a question and answer session by the referee for 5 minutes.

● Ride

This is an event where you can compete for your skills and ideas in search of a bicycle that allows you to enjoy a safe and comfortable trip.
(JBT2022 is not all about competing for speed and arrival order).

  • Emphasis is placed on the production policy of the bicycle itself and the “work” itself.
  • Weight is a big factor in the burden on the rider, so it is the key to scoring.
  • Set a hill climb section and set points (the specific weight is not so high).
  • For the downhill section, set the specified transit time.
    Pass the section on time. A penalty will be imposed for early and late arrivals.

● RINKO demonstration

After the goal of the ride, will have a RINKO demonstration.
After the goal, disassemble the bicycle, pack it in a bag, and carry the loading equipment on your back to make it ready for RINKO.
In that state, get off the stage, walk the prescribed route, and return to the stage again.
After that, assemble the bicycle and load the equipment. Measure the time until you can ride.

If the rider is very tired, the frame builder or team representative may act on behalf of the RINKO demonstration only.

The ranking is calculated based on the measured time and used as a point.

Contact / Inquiries

Please contact the Japan Bike Technique Executive Committee by email.



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Cycle Sport (YAESU Publishing
Honjo (Fenders)
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Panasonic Cycle Technology Co., Ltd.

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