Builder comment : YANAGI Cycle, Mr. Y.Iizumi

Frame design concept Aimed to create a bicycle that can run aggressively on both paved and unpaved roads.
The pipe set used is not lightweight but highly rigid, which is suitable for the powerful rider Mr. Kobayashi.
Parts selection
Since we focused on the order of arrival, we couldn’t get various points, but basically we omitted the ones (mudguards and hub dynamo) that wouldn’t be a problem.
The front uses a single gear to reduce the risk of mechanical trouble.
Since the steering wheel is NITTO’s dirt drop bar, it is possible to hold the steering wheel stably even when downhilling gravel, and with the strength of the frame, I think that I was able to cope with downhill with a good feeling.
Completed bike I think it was well-balanced.
Points for
Although it is a so-called all-road bicycle, the MAX tire width is 700x32c, which is a frame design narrowed down to some extent. (I think I had more volume in this time)
It is not a wide tire variation, but it realizes sharp riding.
Whether you want to focus on versatility or narrow down, in some situations the latter will definitely be the better bicycle.
It is not limited to the tire width, but we will design it after listening to the owner’s request.
In addition, although it is difficult to understand from the outside, the design is based on the premise of front loading (slightly quick handling when loaded, so that it does not feel heavy when loaded). With a BB drop of 78 mm, the design has a much lower center of gravity, making it a practical bicycle for touring and cycling, including gravel.
Reconsiderations The tires were set to 32c, aiming for an advantage on flat paved roads, but they were too thin.
The content of the course is either uphill or downhill, and I think it was good to have around 42c. If I was wearing voluminous tires, I might have returned to the goal earliest.
Which team are
interested in?
07 SILK: Making a bicycle with a bold idea. It would definitely be fun if a lot of such car bodies were running.

03 NAGARA: Because of his hobby, I think I could have made a carbon frame that took so much effort. The story was very interesting. Looking forward to the next time.

Rider Comment : Mr. Kobayashi

Impressions of the
climbing section
I thought about the pace distribution when I ran the test run, so I think I was able to handle it reasonably.
I was able to climb comfortably with a gear configuration that does not care about the weight of the car body. E-bike was fast.
Impressions of the
Gravel Downhill
The position was supposed to be a downhill dirt road, so the dirt road was fun to run.
Is it because of Mr. Yanagi Cycle’s QUIET.
It is regrettable that I had a flat tire three times just because I felt comfortable. Repairing a flat tire in the mud was a penance …
What do you like? Can talk a little while actually seeing the bicycle running, which is full of each builder’s idea, and think about the bicycle. I think it was a good opportunity to learn.
Points to improve It seems that it will be even more fun if you include climbing and flat gravel.

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