List of Scoring Items

JBT2022 has the following scoring items.

The day before the riding event.
(01). Bicycle body weight
(02). Equipment weight
(03). Bicycle inspection & equipment bonus points
(04). Presentation point
(05). Visitor points

Day of the riding event.
(06). Ride (Hill Climb TT, Journey Point, Downhill Time Managed Ride)
(07). Bicycle inspection
(08). RINKO

The scoring content is subject to change in the future. We will notify you on this website as soon as any changes occur.

Scoring Criteria

(01). Bicycle body weight

The standard weight is 10 kg, and the difference weight is added or subtracted by 50 points in units of 50 g.
(Including pedals, lighting and parts subject to bonus points (see 03))

(02). Equipment weight

Measure the weight of the actual riding state (including a set of necessary equipment), and the difference from the Bicycle body weight is the “equipment weight”
will do. Regarding the equipment weight, the standard is 2 kg, and the difference weight is added or subtracted by 5 points in units of 10 g.

(03). Bicycle inspection & equipment bonus points

If the required equipment is missing, it will be an open participation.

Equipment bonus points will be certified and awarded for mudguard, rack, and dynamo power supply.
50% of the number of judges will be certified, and half will be awarded, and more than 70% will be awarded all points.

The bonus points are as follows.

  • Mudguard (1000 points, equivalent to 1Kg)
  • Rack (500 points, equivalent to 500g)
  • Dynamo power supply (500 points each before and after)

(04). Presentation point

It will be scored by the judges.
For each item of concept, technical ability, practicality, and design, 1,000 points of each judge will be distributed and given to the team.

(05). Visitor points

Visitors can vote for participating team presentations and participating bicycles.
Can vote for your favorite team using ballots on both the first and second days. It counts as 5 points per vote.

Voting time and Place:
・ Day 1 15:00-18:00 (voting place is in front of the headquarters)
・ Day 2 12:00-14:00 (voting place is in front of the stage)

(06). Ride

● Hill Climb TT

Points will be awarded for the order of arrival in the hill climb section.
Calculation formula: (Number of participating teams-TT section ranking) x 50

● Travel points (SNS points)

While riding, take a photo at the location you set and post it on Facebook’s JBT2022 page (about 3 shooting points planned).
The total number of “likes” will be given to each team as “1 like” = 1 point.
(If the number of photos exceeds 3, the number of likes is the top 3)

The deadline is 13:00.

Downhill Time Managed Ride

For safety reasons, we will specify the riding time for the downhill section of the gravel.
Set 2 sections. Points will be deducted according to the difference between the specified time and the running time in each section.
In each section
・ Early arrival: 100 points deducted in 5 minute increments
・ Late arrival: 50 points deducted in 30-minute units
(There is no addition or subtraction from 5 minutes before to 30 minutes after the specified time)

(07). Bicycle inspection (After Ride)

Each bicycle must be inspected after the goal.
There is a deduction of points depending on the result of the inspection.

● Disqualification

  • Disqualification.
    • Unusable due to broken or cracked frame or fork.
    • Unable to continue riding due to non-carrying spare parts / repair tools.
  • Minus 500 points.
    • Deformation within the usable range of the frame / fork (visual inspection).
    • Failure / damage around shifting / transmission.
    • Brake damage, deterioration or inoperability.
    • Damaged handle or stem (bent or cracked).
    • Damaged saddle or seatpost.
    • Deformation of the rim (runout of 3 mm or more on the left and right).
  • Minus 100 points.
    • Lighting failure / loss.
    • Damaged or lost tools / pumps.
    • Lost or damaged bottle cage.
    • Damaged or lost rack.
    • Damaged freewheel mechanism.
    • Tire side damage (if the cord is broken).
    • Damaged or lost mudguard.
  • Minus 50 points.
    • Damaged or lost other parts.

(08). RINKO

● RINKO Time Trial

  • It will be carried out after the ride goal for each team.ied out after the ride goal for each team.
    • Disassemble the bicycle and store it in a bag (Rinko state).
    • Carry a bag containing bicycle and other luggage and get off from the right side of the stage.
    • Walk to the left in front of the stage and go up to the stage again.
    • Take the bicycle out of the bag on the stage, attach the assembled bags, and make it ready for running.
  • The above total time is measured, the ranking is calculated according to the time, and points are given.
    Calculation formula: (Number of participating teams-Packing ranking) x 10
    (In the case of 17 teams: 160 points in 1st place, 0 points in 17th place)
  • Remarks
    • If the size of the bag containing the bicycle does not meet the regulations, it will be treated as the lowest.
    • In principle, RINKO shall be done by the rider himself, but if it is judged that the rider is very tired, A builder or team representative can also act on your behalf.

● RINKO evaluation points.

Points will be awarded based on the judge’s evaluation for ideas and items that are valid for RINKO.

(09) Other points to keep in mind

  • Handicap by players (Professional players, etc.)
    • Not provided in JBT2022.
  • Parts point.
    • No points will be added to domestic products and original parts.


Overall Ranking

Will announce the ranking based on the total points earned. Awards will be given from 1st to 3rd place.

Category Award

Various prizes may be set up on the day.
Please look forward to what kind of prize will be given!

Contact / Inquiries

Please contact the Japan Bike Technique Executive Committee by email.



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