Builder comment : montson, Mr.Makoto OSAKA

Frame design concept Considered the design after trial running the route.
Since I’m a rider, the design and strength were easily decided.
It seems difficult to find a frame that fits all hill climb race sections, flat sections, and downhill sections. So thought about making it a bicycle that can enjoy touring even after the tournament.
The sloping design is adopted so that it is lightweight but durable, does not attack the position too much, and does not fall over in the gravel section.
Parts selection
Selected with gravel downhill in the final stages.
650x38B wheels and tires for comfortable gravel. A gidnet lever and short bullhorn that can exert a strong braking force with a light force even with a cantilever brake and are easy to position. Uses a Di2 component with a stabilizer that can easily and reliably shift gears even on rough roads and control chain rampage. A Di2 satellite switch is installed at the tip of the handle.
I feel that the electric transmission that can be switched everywhere is an easy-to-use part for touring bike.
Completed bike It’s almost possible to come up with it, and it’s not flashy, but I think it’s an easy-to-use bike.
Points for
I hope it will become one of the new touring bicycles that has the same basic performance as the conventional touring bicycles, but has taken a step forward to make it easier to use.
There is no special specification for this tournament, and it is one that can be recommended to the general public as long as the dimensions are changed.
Reconsiderations About the method of attaching and detaching the mudguard, which I thought was “Easy RINKO specification” I didn’t have time to do a performance test, and it was wrecked on the way.
It was a good endurance test opportunity
I will try again.
Which team are
interested in?
02 YANAGI : An idea that I don’t have that upright stem and handle
03 NAGARA : Curious in many ways. Bicycles and The Man.

Rider Comment : Mr.Makoto OSAKA

Impressions of the
climbing section
I think the length, slope, and scenery are just right for a hill climb.
I couldn’t make the most of my experience in the test run.
Next time I want to aim for a little higher rank.
Impressions of the
Gravel Downhill
The road surface is interestingly rough, with rocks, cliffs, sand, puddles, and all the gravel, which is interesting.
Glad this gravel section wasn’t climbing.
What do you like? It was good that rider who run at the pace of the race from beginning to end, rider who enjoy touring, and rider who run have their own ways of enjoying themselves.
Unlike race events, there were no directions or signs, so many people went off the track on the way, but when I thought of it as a “touring event,” it was rather interesting. (Because it’s someone else’s affair, lol)
However, I think it was necessary to explain the purpose there a little more.
Points to improve It would be interesting to have a more orienteering event.
I hope that events will occur in places on the course and that people other than riders can enjoy it.
I hope it will be a unique event in Japan that is different from the event in France, and an event that foreigners will want to participate in.

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