Purpose of Tournament

Make an ideal travel bicycle that runs in Japan.
(Enjoy a trip on a bicycle)

Outline of Tournament

Make a custom-made bicycle and

  • Compete for bicycle making skills
  • Compete for performance, practicality, and durability through actual riding
  • Propose the idea of the journey using a bicycle
  • New e-Bike category to explore the possibility of “RINKO” using e-Bike

Content of Tournament (schedule)

Presentation: Saturday, Jun 11, 2022

It will be carried out even in the rain. (In the gymnasium)

  • 11:00 Opening
  • 11:00 Participating vehicle reception and vehicle inspection
    (changes in vehicle specifications and equipment after vehicle inspection will be disqualified)
  • 13:00 Presentation
    (10 minutes for each team presentation, 5 minutes for Q & A)
  • 18:00 Course description
  • 19:00 Closed

Ride and RINKO demonstration: Sunday, Jun 12, 2022

It will be carried out even in the rain.

  • 03:30 Opening & Roll Call
  • 04:00 Start
  • 13:00 Last bike goal prediction
  • 14:00 Result announcement & awards ceremony
  • 15:00 Closing ceremony

There is a possibility of change (postponement / cancellation) at the request of the government and local governments due to the covid-19 infection situation.


“You Yu Land”. Takayama Village, Nagano Prefecture

Please use the accommodation facilities in the venue Takayama Village as much as possible.
We have requested the Tourism Association to support the early morning start.
We will publish the list of cooperating accommodations at a later date.

The Ride is planned to be a route of about 80km around the mountainous area on the border between Nagano and Gunma prefectures, starting and ending at the above venue. The altitude obtained is about 2,300m. We are plan to ride on the gravel road section on the way.

This tournament does not compete for speed. Please be aware that it is a proposal for a bicycle trip and try to ride safety first.

We will give you the details of the riding route as GPX data in advance.
GPX will be provided as an email attachment to the team manager.

Required Specifications

For details, please see the Japan Bike Technique 2022 Required Specifications Page.

Application for Participation, etc.

For details, please see the Japan Bike Technique 2022 Application Guidelines page.

Contact / Inquiries

Please contact the Japan Bike Technique Executive Committee by email.

Secretariat inquiries@japanbiketechnique.org


Takayama Village (Nagano Pref.)
Cycle Sport (YAESU Publishing co.ltd.)
Honjo (Fenders)
Nissen Cable

Panasonic Cycle Technology Co., Ltd.

Crazy Character Print