Builder comment : NAGARA Self-made bicycle secret laboratory, Mr. S.Hattori

Frame design concept Have adopted standard carbon material for competition equipment and made it compatible with easily available parts standards. As the only garage builder, adopted original modeling, built-in work, etc. and thought about what a new touring bicycle is as an amateur.
Parts selection
Practical and economical, we use a lot of introductory grade products, unbranded products, and junk parts, and design the mudguard, and the carrier is made by ourselves. I thought that silver parts were preferred because of the taste of the tournament, so on the contrary, I tied up to one screw with black parts (w).
Completed bike In order to run on a steep course, we emphasized the basic performance of running, turning, and stopping, and also paid attention to the overall details such as the installation of equipment. I think the evaluations will be divided, but I intend to put in the idea that “I want the bicycle to be beautiful.”
Points for
It is a bicycle that you think about yourself, make it in your storeroom, test it locally, and ride it yourself. It’s made up of sweat, tears, and pocket money, so if you’re guts, you won’t lose!
Reconsiderations Weight reduction is an important issue. In addition, the concept, design and specifications need to be revisited. On the other hand, I also think that we should not lose our uniqueness so much that we aim only for the score. I’m an amateur, so I want to make a bicycle that keeps trying.
Which team are
interested in?
07 Silk and 14 TCD E-Bike.
The concept is too free and the best!

Rider Comment : NAGARA CYCLING CLUB Mr. S.Hattori

Impressions of the
climbing section
When it comes to my level of leg strength, that degree of climbing seems to be flat. Yes it is a lie.
I tried to lose weight, but it was really hard! But I want to try my best again! I think it is a necessary course to bring out the limit performance of the bicycle!
Impressions of the
Gravel Downhill
I felt steeper and longer than I expected because I hadn’t tried the test run economically for the time. I think this is also a necessary course because it is a section that has a great influence on the selection of tires and other specifications.
What do you like? It might have been better if it was sunny, but I think that there are some practical test elements for bicycles, so I think that bad roads and bad weather were also good to some extent. It does not fit the image of JBT on flat or paved roads.
Points to improve With the cooperation of the locals, there is nothing I would like to see improved. I hope that the tournament will be further developed as an event where bicycle lovers gather. As a cycle tourist with 35 years of bicycle history, JBT feels the possibility.
Others I’m not in a privileged environment because I’m a local garage builder and rider. However, there are friends who support the tournament in the local area and on SNS. I would like to try my best next time as a bicycle rider. Thank you.

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