Participating bicycles will be exhibited in the “2019 Handmade Bicycle Exhibition”.

If you are considering entry, please refer to what kind of bicycle will come out.

In addition, we will ask the visitors of bicycle lovers to vote for popularity.
Voting here will be given to each entry team as 1 point per vote.
We look forward to your vote.
* Note: Not all participating vehicles will be on display. Limited to teams of builders who have been exhibiting at the Handmade Bicycle Exhibition in time to make bicycles by the time of the exhibition.

2019 Handmade Bicycle Exhibition

Exhibit contents

Experience and effort by domestic and foreign handmade bicycle builders and manufacturers,

Exhibition of “unique bicycles” created with high technology and “highly original parts” incorporating innovative new mechanisms.

Planning various projects along with the exhibition, such as a “talk show” by top builders.

Date: February 23rd (Sat) -24th (Sun), 2019

Opening hours: 9:30 to 16:30

Exhibition Hall: Tokyo Distribution Center, Hall 1 A, Conference Room 2

Organizer: Japan Bicycle Promotion Association Bicycle Culture Center

Support: Bicycle Utilization Promotion Parliamentary League / Bicycle Utilization Promotion Headquarters

Number of exhibitors: 53

Admission: Free

Bicycle Culture Center :

Japan Bike Technique 2019 Sponsors

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