Record of Japan Bike Technique 2019

This is an overview report of the 1st Japan Bike Technique 2019.
It was held on June 15th and 16th, 2019 in Takayama Village, Nagano Prefecture.

Day 1 : Presentation (June 15, 2019 Saturday)

Main Venue

We received the full cooperation of Takayama Village, Kamitakai District, Nagano Prefecture.
The main venue was “You Yu Land” in the same village.
It is a great and luxurious venue with an indoor gymnasium, an outdoor stage, a large lawn garden, and an indoor hot spring pool on a vast site.

Venue Preparation

In the morning, the staff will get together to prepare for the venue. The venue will be a vast indoor gymnasium.


Participants, teams and spectators will come to the venue one after another.

Despite being still in preparation, bicycle enthusiasts have begun discussions in front of the cars of the starting team.

Opening Ceremony / Presentation

At 2:00 pm, The opening ceremony began.

After that, the presentation of the participating teams started. Each team captain will talk about their works Hot.
And the judges and spectators who listen to it.

Commemorative photo / Participation Biles Sealed

The first day ends with the end of the presentations of all teams.
The venue is locked and the participating bikes cannot be touched until the start.

Day 2 : Ride (June 16, 2019 Sunday)

Start preparing for the ride

3:30 am, venue opening.

Each team will start preparing for the ride.

There is a feeling of tension.


4 am, Ride Start.

The weather is unpleasant rain. And it’s cold.

This is the best conditions to test the bike performance and rider.

Hill climb section

5:27am, Leading team arrives at Kasa Pass.

The hill climb measurement point.

First place is eBike Get. The top human power is a good fight with a delay of 2 minutes.

Liaison section

The liaison section between Kasa Pass, Shibu Pass, Yamada Pass, Manza Pass, and Kenashi Pass.
The rain has stopped and the visibility is getting better. But the temperature is low and there is still snow.
And a tough section with continuous ups and downs

Kenashi Pass, Receive the “GIFT”

The gift is ONSEN MANJU (a bun with a bean‐jam filling).
Gifts must be carried unbroken on the long gravel downhill section that begins here.
Points will be deducted if broken.

Gravel downhill section

A hard route where many stones and rocks cover the road surface and the many draining groove is crosses.
Bike performance and rider skill are required.
In addition, careful riding is required so as not to destroy the GIFT.

Rough roads mercilessly hurt bikes and riders.

Trouble will also occur. A rule that rider must not receive any support until the goal.
Points will be deducted for damaged or lost parts. The broken parts will be carry to goal.

Arrive at the goal

Participating teams was ride the route without succumbing to elevation differences, low temperatures, bad weather and bad roads.

RINKO Contest

After the goal, it is a bicycle inspection.
Then go to the RINKO contest.
Disassemble the bike and pack it in a bag. After that, we will compete for the time until it can be assembled and ride.

(RINKO : Disassembling the bicycle, packing it in a bag, loading it on the train and moving)

Awards ceremony

After scoring and counting, the top three teams were commended.

Ride route map

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