From June 11th to June 12th, 2022, the Japan Bike Technique 2022 Contest was held with YOU Yu Land in Takayama Village, Nagano Prefecture as the main venue.

All 10 teams participated and competed with their proud machines. We will report the summary of the results as a preliminary version.

Divisional results

01 Bicycle weight

RankingNumberTeam nameBicycle weight
22Tension Silk6,650g
33OMAE Jimusho9,150g

The weight of the bicycle that can run.
Including the fenders, electrical equipment (Generator, Light), racks, etc.

“KAWAKAMI TITANIUM” with an all-titanium frame is the 1st place with amazing weight, the “Tension Silk” which adopted the chemical fiber for the down tube is the 2nd place, and the 3rd while adopting the disc brake for the traditional chromoly diamond frame. It can be said that the “Omae Jimsho” that came in the top is wonderful.

02 Equipment weight

RankingNumberTeam name Equipmentweight
12Tension Silk1,050g
18NAGARA Self-build Bicycle Secret Research Institute1,050g
31TODABASHI cycle works1,250g

This is the weight of the equipment required for actual riding. The weight of bags, repair tools, rain gear, “RINKO” bags, etc.

The “Tension Silk”, which has been made lighter by using both a “RINKO” bag and rain gear, and the “NAGARA Self-made Bicycle Secret Research Institute”, which has been steadily reduced in weight for each equipment such as riding materials, are the lightest in the same order.

03 Bonus points

RankingNumberTeam namePoints
16GRAND BOIS2,500pt
18NAGARA Self-build Bicycle Secret Research Institute2,500pt
110GRAND BOIS ebike2,500pt

It is a bonus point given to vehicles equipped with the touring bicycle icons “Doroyoke: 1,000pt”, “Racks: 500pt”, “Dynamo power supply Front light: 500pt, Rear light: 500pt”.

“GRAND BOIS”, “NAGARA Self-made Bicycle Secret Research Institute” and “GRAND BOIS ebike”, which are definitely equipped, ranked first in the same order.

04 Presentation

RankingNumberTeam namePoints
18NAGARA Self-build Bicycle Secret Research Institute2,705pt
110GRAND BOIS ebike2,075pt

We will present a bicycle that is the work of the team.
Five judges assigned 1,000 points to each of the 10 teams for scoring and totaling. It is a form that reflects the passion of amateur builders in the ranking.

05 Audience points

Due to the influence of the new corona virus, the number of general visitors is small, so we have not adopted it.

06 Ride (Hill Climb Time Trial)

RankingNumberTeam nameTime
110GRAND BOIS ebike1:40:00
26GRAND BOIS1:45:00

This is a hill climb time trial with an altitude difference of 1,302m and a horizontal distance of 23km.

“GRAND BOIS ebike”, which makes full use of electric assist, is ranked first despite being a rider in 60s. “GRAND BOIS ebike” showed us the potential of an electrically assisted touring bicycle. “GRAND BOIS” by the same builder is second and they get 1st and 2nd finish. The third place was “Panasonic”, which seems to have slowed down the pace consideration of the later route.

07 Inspection after Ride

Verify the condition of the bicycle after riding all routes and deduct points for damage.

Probably because of the experience of the previous 2019 tournament, only 3 teams were detected to be damaged. It can be said that not only the weight reduction but also the high reliability was confirmed.

08a “Rinko” Time Trial

RankingNumberTeam nameTime
21TODABASHI cycle works0:19:00
28NAGARA Self-build Bicycle Secret Research Institute0:19:00

Measure the time it takes to disassemble the bicycle and pack it in a “Rinko” bag, and the time it takes to take the disassembled bicycle out of the “Rinko” bag, assemble it, attach equipment, etc., and it is ready to run.

Taking advantage of the reflection of the 2019 tournament, “Panasonic” has a unique rear rack that doubles as a ”Rinko” rack, and as a result of the divisible fender specifications, it ranked first in an amazing time.
“Todabashi Cycle works” ranked second due to the effect of the bicycle with a unique “Rinko” mechanism built into the seat tube.
“NAGARA Self-made Bicycle Secret Research Institute”, which realized a short-time “Rinko” with various ideas in an orthodox style, came in second place.

08b “Rinko” Examination

RankingNumberTeam namePoints
11TODABASHI cycle works500pt
28NAGARA Self-build Bicycle Secret Research Institute475pt
310GRAND BOIS ebike450pt

Compete with the total of the judging points by the five judges for the ingenuity and technique for “Rinko”. Each judge will evaluate each team’s “Rinko” demonstration on a five-point scale from A to D. The total was calculated as A: 100point, B: 75Point, C: 50Point, D: 25Point, E: 0Point, and the ranking was calculated.

“Todabashi Cycle Works”, which realized easy and reliable packing by the wheel shaft and the wheel holding hole provided in the seat tube hidden under the BB, got the perfect score and ranked first.
The second place is “NAGARA Self-made Bicycle Secret Research Institute” which realized smooth “Rinko” by a devised attachment / detachment mechanism while equipped with a traditional style mudguard.
Despite being an electrically assisted bicycle, the “GRAND BOIS ebike”, which realized a Landner-style “Rinko” and showed hope to veterans, came in third.

Overall ranking

RankingNumberTeam namePoint
22Tension Silk8,435pt
38NAGARA Self-build Bicycle Secret Research Institute6,845pt

The two bicycles, which were lightweight in terms of bicycle weight, occupy the top position. “NAGARA Self-made Bicycle Secret Research Institute”, which was 4th in terms of weight, is in 3rd place with well-balanced scores in each item.

The result is that the three teams that adopted the new material (1st place: titanium, 2nd place: chemical fiber, 3rd place: carbon fiber) are the best three.

It should be noted that the 1st place “KAWAKAMI TITANIUM” and the 3rd place “NAGARA Self-made Bicycle Secret Research Institute” attracted the ingenuity and technical ability comparable to the professional builder despite being an amateur builder.

Details of the Japan Bike Technique 2022 Contest will be published on a detailed explanation page at a later date.


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