Builder comment : Mr. Masaya Otsuki

Frame design concept The rug, the top tube close to the horizontal, and the bent fork, etc., have been designed to retain the stylistic beauty of a traditional Randonneur. Moreover, it is designed and manufactured so that the performance of the parts to be installed can be demonstrated as much as possible. I struggle with how much balance I had to keep the stylistic beauty to look at.
Parts selection
Considering the driving route and rider’s power and technique, 650x38B tires and 46-30Tx11-25T gear ratio are adopted.
Aiming to increase points by emphasizing and equipping front and rear power generation type lights, mudguards, carriers and traditional equipment.
Completed bike Emphasis was placed on the equipment and looks required as a “modern ordinary Randonneur”.
With the wheel assembly method, spoke tension, pipe combination, bridge position, member selection, and riding position calculated from the thickness of the tire and the effectiveness of the brakes, we have achieved both “fast climbing and safe descent”.
Points for
In order to eliminate the disadvantages of adopting disc brakes on the steel frame, we have summarized it so that you do not understand that you have devised as much as possible, such as asymmetric forks and tapered head tubes.
Reconsiderations The original plan was to embed a Garmin computer as an original stem and pillar, polish and lighten the handlebar and crank area, and minimize the size of the rear carrier (bag supporter). There are still many places that I gave up because of my circumstances. I should have earned 1000-2000 points yet …
Which team are
interested in?
17 Cycle Sport : With a completely different concept from our team, I learned a lot about the approach to mudguards and the silhouette of the fork when viewed from the front.

Rider Comment : Mr. Hiroshi Atsuta

Impressions of the
climbing section
At the beginning of the trial ride, I was confused because of the difference in front load and position, which is different from the road bike. However, once I mastered how to ride, the quick racer geometry and the effect of the lightweight pipes allowed me to run the target line lightly and comfortably on the uphill.
In a word, it is a bike that can run fast even when climbing.
Impressions of the
Gravel Downhill
Downhill stability was sacrificed due to the effect of prioritizing agility in the climbing section and reducing BB drops. Also, since had no experience with gravel, run the downhill section at a safe speed so as not to fall.
The benefits of hydraulic disc brakes are immeasurable even if the grip strength is weakened by the cold. The front and back forks are equipped with a Kimori-end for the braking force of the hydraulic disc brakes. The behavior is stable and can ride downhill ​without stress.
What do you like? Coloring that stands out even if you are running in a slightly dark place or buried in a group. Visibility also leads to safety and good photo quality. Not to mention the racer geometry, moderate rigidity and hydraulic disc brakes.
Points to improve Fortunately, there was no trouble this time, but is it tubeless (ready) including ride quality, safety of the gravel section, and reduction of puncture risk?

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